Modern Art Cowboy

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Modern Art Cowboy 4228 SW Findlay, seattle

Listing updated 02/06/23 • Added 02/06/23

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Modern Art Cowboy

4228 SW Findlay, seattle

The Building

Modern Art Cowboy is a Creative Consultancy and Art and Design Salon that focuses on Arts Advocacy for Local, Diverse, Under Represented Artists.

Offering Art Solutions that empowers under represented artist groups through Collaborations and Partnerships with Local Brands, Businesses, Companies and Community Organizations.

Serving to encourage businesses and communities to Mindfully and Intentionally hire to support Local, Diverse Artists in their campaigns, collaborations, events, promotions, productions, sponsorships as well as extending resources and networks, as an effort to create equity and inclusion.

​Providing a Fine Art, Furniture and Decor Virtual Market Place and Auction at

In-Person and By-Appointment Art Salon in the Heart of West Seattle

Offering extraordinary works of Local Contemporary Artists as well as Rare Mid-Century Design and Rescued, Lost Modern Artworks.

  • Avant Garde Art Events
  • Artist Collaborations & Partnerships
  • Marketing with Arts
  • Interior Design
  • Remodeling
  • Staging
  • Art & Design Consultations
  • Custom Commissions ​

Available at Modern Art Cowboy.


By Private Appointment Only
Booking Available on Website, Instagram Bookings and Facebook and Direct Contact (Phone,Email, Message)


4228 SW Findlay
Seattle, WA. 98136

Public Transportation

There is a Bus Stop Right at the Corner of California and Findlay just steps from Modern Art Cowboy.


This venue is single-floor access. Wheel-Chair accessible from street entry to interior.


Commercial Unit is bottom level of building that houses both commercial and residential properties. There are multiple live-streaming security systems throughout the Venue.

Listing updated 02/06/23 • Added 02/06/23

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