art studio w/high ceiling downtown Seattle/ID ~ $490

  • $490 per month

  • Long term rental available August 1, 2021

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519 art studios

519 S. Main St (between 5th & 6th), Seattle

Jaq Chartier
(206) 245-8598

Listing updated 07/29/21 • Added 06/05/21

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Dimensions 12.5 x 14.5 ft.
Square Footage 181.25 sq. ft.
Ceiling Height 12 ft.
Max Occupancy 1 persons
Accessibility Loading zone
Parking Street parking (free)
Street parking (paid)
Parking garage / parking lot nearby (paid)
Lighting Natural lighting
Gallery track
Walls Sheetrocked and Smooth
Flooring Wood floors
Other Qualities Ventilation

Studio Art


Visual Arts

The Space

Available TBA (probably end of the year or early 2022)

This space is in the ID just a few blocks east of the TK Lofts & Pioneer Sq galleries. The size is 12.3’ x 14.3’ plus a 6x6’ entryway (210 sf total). 12’ ceiling and upper skylight window facing south. Walls & ceilings are smooth-wall, drywall over wood studs. The ceiling has fluorescent lights and a 4-plex outlet on the ceiling with a switch on the wall so it’s easy to rig up your own custom lighting. It also has a good vent fan on the ceiling and a heater.

I’m ideally looking for one artist rather than a couple of people sharing the space. Fine artists/visual artists; work space only, (not live/work). Not suited for toxic, dusty or noisy work, or industrial-types of production work. We have an airbnb room on the floor, so there are quite hours at night when guests are here.

Parking in this neighborhood is expensive during the day, but it’s a great location for public transportation - just 1 block from the light rail ID stop, street car, and many bus routes. Also please note there is a long flight of stairs to get up to our floor, no elevator.

The move-in date is not certain yet, so right now I’m building a list of people who are interested.


WAITING LIST please send me a message with ALL of the following info:

- name, email, phone number, website link
- minimum size you need, and max price you can handle if something bigger opens up
- ideal start date
- what materials you use
- private space only, or are you interested in sharing a space?
- could you work in a space with a skylight but no windows (with good ventilation), or do you need a window that opens?
- any other special requirements you have that might help me match you up with the right space?


Monthly Rental

$490 per month

1 yr lease with first & last, plus $200 key deposit.

The Basics
Utilities included
Shared bathrooms
Wireless Internet
Utility / work sink
519 art studios

519 S. Main St (between 5th & 6th), Seattle

The Building

519 art studios is a group of work spaces for visual artists in downtown Seattle. We’re located on the 2nd floor of the HT Kubota Building in the Japantown area of the I.D. a few blocks from the Pioneer Square art galleries.


This is an excellent spot for public transportation - light rail & street car both stop a block away on Jackson, plus a number of major bus routes stop very close by. Parking is either metered parking on the street (free after 8pm), or many pay lots in the neighborhood.


Security cams

Listing updated 07/29/21 • Added 06/05/21

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